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Travel is my second nature. It gives meaning to who I am and opens vast oceans of opportunity for me to explore, experience and embrace many exciting adventures that would otherwise remain a dream or an unfulfilled imagination. I have encouraged others to share my passion for travel, especially those who have been constrained by travel barriers and other restrictions. I derive great satisfaction from helping to solve challenges across the travel industry and enabling clients to get past their fears over visas, cost or other issues and secure maximum value from their travel commitments.

In my efforts to reduce or eliminate travel barriers have led me to engage in a significant amount of advocacy. In the area of

 Tourism– I’m constantly liaising with and advising countries  to pursue  measures aimed at creating more visibility for their destinations in the Nigerian market. As a population of 201million, the possibilities are endless with the right level of campaign to attract the highest calibre of traveller.

In the area of  immigration– I am constantly advocating for a coordinated approach to 

immigration for quality tourists vs stereotyping all Nigerians thereby letting their apprehensions and misinformation deny them the  economic advantages of the Nigerian Market to their tourism. This includes liasing with policy makers, Embassies and High Commissions and the Foreign Ministry. 

In the Area of Air connectivity– I am constantly looking for ways to make air travel more convenient for Nigerian & travellers from the wider African continent, through leisure charters.

I spearheaded the first ever direct flight between Nigeria & Jamaica in Dec 2020 with 132 passengers including the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I’m also a champion for Exchange Tourism, whereby in an attempt to sell outbound Tourism (where the Nigerian market has an advantage), we attract inbound tourists into Nigeria, as we currently do not have strong policies on inbound Tourism promotion.

I was inspired to establish Nigerians Travel Too as an effort to mitigate or eliminate the obstacles to a seamless travel experience, which we all deserve.

NTT has therefore broadened its horizons as a travel company that is dedicated to breaking travel barriers- one trip at a time. With the tireless support of my amazing team, we’ve been able to create the most unique and unforgettable travel experiences for individuals, couples, families, companies, governments and international organizations.

Having been to over 60 countries across 6 continents- I am in a position to engage in destination story telling for one of Africa’s foremost online magazine https://www.bellanaija.com/author/nigerians-travel-too/

I’m also a coach in my UniversiTEA- where I support new travel businesses or existing ones, to achieve their full potential in the industry.

Nigerians Travel Too has evolved beyond outbound travel only. It is now a specialuzed company under the umbrella of NTT Global Destinations with interests in Trade promotion, Destination Marketing, Leisure Charters Management, Domestic & Inbound Nigeria, Halal Travel ,Events and our very own association for tourism stakeholders- the Nigerian Tourism Network-It’s an almost endless list.

NTT aspires to become a household name not only in Nigeria but across the entire world. We will continue to uphold the highest standards in our business operations and will always strive to deliver the levels of service, innovation and professionalism that have become our hallmark. We are unique and for that we are proud and grateful.

I am excited but also privileged and humbled to be a part of this amazing journey.

Don’t hesitate – your future with TEA awaits!

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